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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Anecdotally Reflexology has a good track record in helping people with foot pain but at this time there hasn't been a large case study to support this evidence. Amy Kreydin employs a protocol of both goal-oriented Foot Reflexology sessions and daily homework, self-care techniques, when a client comes in with Plantar Fasciitis complaints.

"I've worked with Boston Marathon runners, busy moms, registered nurses, charity walkers, retail workers, truck drivers, avid gardeners and plumbers complaining of heel pain. In five and a half years as a Reflexologist I've only seen one client who required plantar fasciotomy, a surgical procedure to free the plantar fascia. I'm committed to helping clients find ways to reduce their foot pain with the long term goal of never having to see them for foot pain again," observes Kreydin.

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Some techniques others have found helpful:

  • Rolling the foot over frozen golf balls: a nice combination of cryotherapy and self massage.

  • People that run, walk or stand on hard surfaces (i.e. concrete floors), may be more prone to painful foot conditions. Some solutions include adding anti-fatigue mats at working stations, upgrading footwear, or switching to natural running and walking paths.

  • For others a combination of rest, with no weight bearing if the pain is severe, ice and elevation of the affected foot can help speed recovery.

Consult with your primary care physician to determine the best treatment for you.