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Six Week Course: Introduction to Reflexology – Module One

Six week online study open now
In-person study date: Monday, October 7th, 9am-5pm

Next scheduled in-person portion of this module will be held at the Austin studio on the following date: Monday, October 7th, 2019.​ Which means the last day to enroll in this module is Sunday, September 1st so you can have all six weeks of lessons completed by Sunday, October 6th before the practicum the following day.

Introduction to Reflexology is a combined in-person and online course, part of The Barefoot Dragonfly’s 300-hour Professional Reflexology Certificate program. There are no prerequisites to this module and students may register at any time. Studio classes are scheduled year-round and announced via email and online. In-person hours must be fulfilled prior to the student proceeding to the next module. Exceptions may be made to students of other programs wishing to further enhance their training via distance education, those requests can be made via email and are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Reflexology is a gentle bodywork modality that encourages the body towards homeostasis in all physical and energetic systems. Primary benefits include deep relaxation, improved circulation, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Course Goal: Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to: explain the history of foot reflexology; describe theories on how reflexology works; demonstrate knowledge of zone therapy; explain the physiological effects of reflexology; understand and explain safety, contraindications, cautions of reflexology to the community. Introduction to Reflexology is part of The Barefoot Dragonfly 300-hour Practitioner Diploma course designed to prepare students for a career path as a Professional Reflexologist

Class Location: The Barefoot Dragonfly Classroom located at 7601 Pheasant Rock Road, Austin, TX 78729.

Class Hours: 32

Instructor: Amy Kreydin, NBCR, CCAP, BD

Office Hours: Before and after class by appointment

Instructor Bio: Amy Kreydin, Board Certified Reflexologist and Clinical Aromatherapist, has been in private practice since 2004. Kreydin received her certificate as a Certified Reflexologist from the Palmer Institute in Salem, MA in 2004, and was awarded her board certificate in Reflexology from the American Reflexology Certification Board in 2006. She trained at a Harvard teaching hospital in Boston, MA and obtained her Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner (CCAP) in 2011. She has lectured and taught classes in massage and acupuncture schools, hospitals, and clinics since 2007. Kreydin is passionate about whole body wellness and loves helping folks reach their health goals to live an abundant, vibrant, and balanced life.

Required Materials:

  • Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence by Paula S. Stone, ISBN: 9780131579248 – as of January 2019 this textbook is no longer in print, until the second edition is published the author has given permission for Amy to print B&W copies which are available at cost to students ($35)
  • Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology / Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology by Eunice Ingham, ISBN: 0961180439
  • Bring to in-person classes:
    • Writing paper and utensils should be brought to each class
    • Foot powder (arrowroot powder and corn starch are popular), hand cleaner spray or gel, unscented wet wipes.

General Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Discuss and demonstrate knowledge of the history and theories of reflexology.
  • Identify and discuss the physiological effects of reflexology.
  • Identify and discuss knowledge of safety concerns, contraindications, and cautions related to reflexology.
  • List anatomical markers of the foot and lower leg and their physiological functions.
  • Demonstrate, return demonstrate reflexology specific techniques for the reflex map of the foot.
  • List pathways to becoming a reflexologist.

General Class Structure: The class will be conducted once a week unless otherwise noted. During lab sessions, students will develop their practical skills and discuss any challenges they encounter with respect to new material.

Methods of Instruction: The class will be taught with a combination of audiovisual presentations using overhead projector, whiteboard or paper chart, lecture, demonstration, and laboratory.

Attendance Policy: Attendance is required. Students who miss more than 30 minutes of a class will be recorded as Absent. Absences will impact the final grade. Students missing more than 30% of classes will be considered troubled. Students missing more than half of all sessions will receive an automatic Failing Grade.

Missed classes during a module can be made up with the instructor for a private tutoring fee of $30/hour (may be split between two students). Modules may be reviewed at 50% of the current rate and is limited to two reviewing students per class. Reviewing classes will be credited towards missed classroom hours in the specific module and class missed only.

Module Registration is held with payment in full at the time of registration unless other arrangements have been made in advance with The Barefoot Dragonfly. Registration fees will reflect a late registration surcharge if students enroll less than 15 days prior to the first class in the module.

Cancellations for a module received 14 days prior to the first class will receive a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than 14 days will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than 24 hours will forfeit the entire module fee.

Cancellations of Classes by The Barefoot Dragonfly, may occur in the event of insufficient student enrollment, instructor illness or emergency, extreme adverse weather conditions, or if the building or classroom is temporarily unsafe for any reason. In the event that The Barefoot Dragonfly cancels a class, you may elect to receive a full refund for any amount you have paid or transfer the money to another class. All refunds will be paid within thirty calendar days of the cancelled class.

Termination of Enrollment by The Barefoot Dragonfly, may occur in the event the student fails to maintain satisfactory progress, violates safety regulations, interferes with other students’ work, is disruptive, obscene, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or does not make timely tuition payments.

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