Hey there! My name is Amy Kreydin and I’m the owner and founder here at The Barefoot Dragonfly LLC. I studied and practiced in the North Boston suburbs for a decade before moving to the Austin area with my husband and cats in 2013.

My early childhood was spent in East Texas with snapping turtles and a huge tomato garden. From there my parents moved us to Northern New Mexico in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Questa. 

My role here is to wear two hats – one as an educator and the other as a practitioner – and most days you’ll find me wearing them both at the same time!

As an educator I work with adult learners who want to become a wellness practitioner or add to their existing toolbag to offer aromatherapy and/or reflexology to their client base. After fifteen years of practicing full-time in the healing arts I bring some 11,000+ client encounters with me into the classroom. I’m also a huge anatomy and physiology geek and am determined to help students soak up the wonders of the body in an accessible way.

As a practitioner I’m here to co-create wellness plans with my clients. I love seeing a client’s big picture of where they’re at right now and where they want to be with their health. 

From an early age I cultivated an interest in women’s health – attending my first birth at the age of 7 and being in an apprenticeship with a community herbalist, and a midwifery center by the age of 16. Since opening my practice in 2004 I’ve soaked up the lessons client and client has taught me about how our bodies are work uniquely and how poorly this is understood in modern medicine. 

My core training includes:

  • Certified Reflexologist – Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork, Salem, Massachusetts, June 2004
  • Board Certified Reflexologist – American Reflexology Certification Board, New York, New York, June 2006
  • Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner (CCAP), Boston, Massachusetts, March 2011
  • Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine – ITHMA & Heal Center, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2016

I keep a current curriculum vitae of core training and continuing education I’ve attended.

When I’m not in the studio you’ll find me baking, knitting, bicycling or walking the neighborhood, gardening, being a bookworm, hiking, or paddleboarding.