IMG_20151104_144846The Treatment Room has received a makeover this month and I couldn’t be happier with the new setup!

Previously, I was working out of my home laboratory but dividing my time between the two locations was tedious and inconvenient so I decided to move my botanicals and formulary tools to the clinic.

My first project was to invest in a stainless steel cart to use as a workbench and heat-proof surface for future distillations. Then I found a cabinet to store the variety of botanicals required for formulating: essential oils, herbs, waxes, oils, and butters like shea and cocoa.

Green Practices

I am quite fortunate to be in a clinic that takes environmental wellness seriously. When weighing the pros and cons of adding new furniture to the office the off-gassing of most modern furniture pieces nearly outweighed the benefits of having pieces that are easy to keep clean. I didn’t have to jeopardize my efforts to stay within good manufacturing practices though! I pulled out my jug of AFM SafeCoat Hard Seal and painted the new furniture with a translucent coating. From the manufacturer:

Safecoat Hard Seal is a multi-use, clear gloss sealer especially formulated to provide mar resistance to both low and high porosity surfaces. Because it forms a continuous membrane when applied properly it is particularly effective at sealing in any pollution or toxic chemical compounds outgassing from the surface to which it is applied.

Here in Austin you can grab a small jug at EcoWise just off South Congress. It has a faint odor reminiscent of pickles or vinegar and the stuff goes a really long way! I’ve been using the same quart jug for a while now and have sealed five pieces of furniture with it and can probably get a couple more pieces in before I need a new jug. This stuff is a lifesaver when you’ve got a new piece of furniture that reeks of formaldehyde and you don’t have days or weeks to leave it sitting on the patio to off-gas before bringing it indoors.

Formulations Offered

As always in-person and phone consultations are by appointment Monday through Friday with morning, afternoon, and evening times scheduled each week. An example of formulations I provide clients and their families:


  • Aromastick (Personal Inhaler)
  • Diffuser Formulation
  • Nebulizer Formulation
  • Room Spray
  • Balm
  • Rectal Suppository
  • Steam Inhalation
  • Nasal Spray/Rinse
  • Aromatic Shower


  • Body/Massage Oil
  • Cream
  • Perfusion
  • Serum
  • Spritzer
  • Lotion
  • Gel
  • Balm
  • Liniment
  • Holistic Perfume
  • Anointing Oil
  • Aromatic Shower
  • Aromatic Bath


  • Rectal Suppository
  • Vaginal Pessary
  • Personal Lubricant Gel/Cream/Oil


  • Oral Spray
  • Mouth Rinse
  • *Other

*Inquire about other dose forms available via prescription from your licensed medical professional.

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