Q. What does it mean to be “ARCB” certified or a “board certified” Reflexologist?

A. ARCB stands for the American Reflexology Certification Board, a national not-for-profit organization that conducts independent board exams for Reflexologists in the U.S.

The board exam consists of a three-part examination: a written exam, a practical or “hands on” exam, and 90 documented case studies. Prerequisites for the exam preclude those who have taken a weekend workshop, read a book or simply watched a DVD and advertise themselves as being trained in Reflexology. With the practical portion of the exam the Reflexologist’s actual techniques and ability to correctly identify reflex point locations of the feet of the proctor further ensure this individual has met the national education standards as a Reflexologist.

Being an ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist isn’t for everyone – it requires the initial 200 hours of Reflexology-only education, a further 2-3 months of exam prep, 90 hours of Reflexology treatments, and a day at the exam location.

What does this mean to the customer?

Many practitioners view the ARCB Certification as a way to distinguish themselves from hobbyist Reflexologists and foot massage spas. Here in Texas Reflexology is is one of the bodywork modalities that is not regulated on a State level. Seeking out an ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist at the minimum guarantees that the practitioner is properly educated and receives regular continuing education specific to the field.

It doesn’t guarantee a cure for what ails you, but you can rest easy knowing the practitioner is trained in anatomy and physiology as well as safe techniques and conditions that would be contraindicated to the modality. Visit the ARCB website for a directory near you.

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