Reflexology and Aromatherapy in the Childbearing Years

Aromatherapy and Reflexology can be a wonderful addition to a woman’s wellness plan for the childbearing years. From preconception through pregnancy and postpartum, these therapies can support you each step of the way.

Since 2004 I’ve been supporting folks during the childbearing years, my philosophy is that pregnancy and birth are natural events in a woman’s life that call upon extra resources while growing a baby. I believe that Reflexology and Aromatherapy, when used with an expert approach, can safely and gently nurture mind, body, and spirit for mother and baby. My years of experience and comprehensive training have attracted hundreds of maternity clients over the years seeking support during this most precious stage of life.

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Fertility and Preconception

Beginning with a comprehensive consultation to get to know you with your unique needs, health history, and wellness goals we will work together to create a treatment plan for preconception wellness. We will discuss how to get the most out of these therapies as part of your bigger wellness plan which may or may not include Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IUI, IVF, or medicated cycles. Your treatment plan will always be unique to you, but you may be interested to know that I have some experience in working with similar cases. Examples of some stumbling blocks on the road to pregnancy that have responded well to these gentle therapies in my practice include: fibroids, PCOS, cycle length discrepancies, recurrent pregnancy loss, and hormone imbalances.


For some women pregnancy is a joy and they sail through the trimesters with only the occasional food craving or 2 minutes of morning sickness. For others this may sound like a work of fiction. All kinds of pregnant women can reap the benefits of regular Reflexology and Aromatherapy support during pregnancy. Reflexology has a substantial amount of research behind it to suggest it is a must-have therapy for all pregnancies. You’ll be pleased to know clients report finding these therapies helpful for:

  • backaches
  • sleeping difficulty
  • swelling of the feet and ankles
  • swelling induced numbness in the hands and wrists
  • general relaxation
  • hemorrhoids
  • constipation
  • morning sickness and nausea
  • heartburn
  • malpositioned babies
  • hormone-induced migraines

Furthermore, Reflexology has shown to reduce long labor times substantially when given regularly throughout pregnancy.


All of my clients have access to me for tips on how to employ Reflexology and Aromatherapy during labor and birth. While I am not actively attending births any longer as a Doula I am happy to provide private tutoring sessions to you and your birth partner (spouse, doula, midwife, mom, whomever you choose to bring with you) with hands-on instructions to manage pain, reduce stress, and set the tone for birth experience you wish to have. We will cover pressure point techniques and you’ll get a crash course in how to use aromatherapy, including what not to use and when. We book this as a regular one hour session in my office.


Is there anything more blissful than Reflexology during the babymoon? Ease into motherhood with baby(ies) in your arms during a postpartum session! Soothe the body after the marathon of labor, speed the recovery process, and balance the endocrine system. Babies are always welcome in the treatment room and they love Reflexology too! If postpartum is presenting with more than the usual challenges of sleep loss the sessions will feel all the more welcome.

Clients have found sessions helped with:

  • circulation
  • feeling more energized
  • more restful sleep
  • milk supply
  • easing muscle discomfort
  • baby blues/hormone balancing

I also work alongside several local psychotherapists that specialize in postpartum recovery and am happy to give you a referral to include talk therapy into your postpartum wellness plan.

Examples of Aromatic Support Tools for the Childbearing Year

  • Vaginal pessaries to balance pelvic microbiome
  • Rectal suppositories to soothe hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and pelvic congestion
  • Personal inhalers to ease morning sickness, fatigue, anxiety
  • Body butters to support skin integrity during rapid uterine changes
  • Support kit for the birth center or hospital

Aromatherapy can be a beautiful tool to use in maternity wellness. We will discuss cautions, contraindications, and special considerations so you can make informed decisions based on evidence-based practice.  Common essential oils like cinnamon, basil, oregano, juniper, lemongrass, peppermint, clary sage, and jasmine have important considerations for one or all stages from preconception through breastfeeding.