New to The Barefoot Dragonfly this Fall: Thai Foot Reflexology. Amy recently returned from a trip to Taos, New Mexico where she took Karen Ball’s workshop on this unique method of Reflexology…

Thai Foot Reflexology is an invigorating treatment applied to the feet, lower legs and knees. It incorporates a rich history of techniques including Ayurvedic principles, conventional Reflexology thumb-walking, Japanese shiatsu, Chinese tuina, and Chinese Reflexology. Stretching, tapping, and reflex point stimulation with a hand-carved wooden dowel set this style apart from a more conventional, or Western, style of Foot Reflexology. Clients report feeling both relaxed and energized after a treatment.

In a Thai Foot Reflexology session the focus is on improved energy flow, with techniques and moves designed to open up Thai energy lines (sen) and clear energy restrictions. With a balanced energy flow the body’s own healing mechanisms restore balance to organs, parts and systems. A Thai Foot Reflexology session doesn’t focus as much on symptoms and corresponding reflex areas but comes from a  more wholistic approach to global energy balance in the body.

Clients should expect to wear loose pants (or bring a pair of shorts to change into) that can be rolled up the leg to give the practitioner access to the feet, lower legs and knees. The session is given on a bodywork table with a pillow to support the neck and an optional blanket for comfort.

Contraindications are the same as for Foot Reflexology and include: deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), recently broken bones, infectious skin disorders and a serious compromise of circulation in the lower extremities.