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Experience deep relaxation with a reflexology session


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Utilizing thumb and finger pressure techniques applied to body maps found on the feet, hands, and ears this therapy promotes homeostasis for mind, body, and spirit.

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Aromatic waters and essential oils are utilized in both inhaled and topical applications based on your goals and the plant’s chemical and energetic actions.

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Distance and in-person educational resources for the community and practitioners including upcoming classes, articles, videos, tutorials and more.

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The Barefoot Dragonfly is an independent, locally owned, business with ten years of experience in helping people find their balance. Our offerings are unique - just like you!

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18 Aug

A tale of two lavenders

As an aromatherapist I have been trained to look to the chemistry of essential oils to best determine what their therapeutic actions will be. Essential...

4 Jun

Why I fly with Lemongrass

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is one of just a couple of essential oils that I take with me when I travel by air. That spicy-citrus scent...

  • "I've never felt so relaxed as I did when you worked on me. I can't wait til we meet again!"

  • "Amy is very attuned and really listens to me and to my feet. I like that she is certified and I also love the zero gravity chair! Happy to have found The Barefoot Dragonfly."

  • "Amy is truly the BEST!  I have had two sessions with her now and I cannot emphasize enough her level of knowledge and professionalism.  I am an LMT and have been receiving bodywork for over 30 years - rarely have I experienced the comfort, relaxation and healing as I have with Amy.  She has taught me not only about how aromatherapy can improve my life but also how skilled work on ones extremities can truly heal your entire being.

    Can't wait to see her again!!

  • "Beautiful center and amazing reflexologist. I HIGHLY recommend Amy at The Barefoot Dragonfly."

  • "There are no words which can adequately convey my wonderful experience during my sessions with Amy. She is absolutely Magical, and her touch has me reach the deepest states of relaxation beyond anything I have ever achieved before. Amy is kind and knowledgeable; her energy is Amazing; and the office is clean, comfortable, tranquil and Beautiful.  I excitedly look forward to my sessions with Amy and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

  • "I can’t tell you how much you have helped me over the years. You have been such a good listener and had very wise advice for me. I always looked forward to our sessions and my health greatly benefited. You are truly unique and cannot be replaced."

  • "Was an amazingly relaxing experience. Amy is so skilled at what she does and very friendly. Inside the business is beautiful, very soothing. I really do feel incredibly calm and balanced, my head is really clear as well. I highly recommend this experience. I will definitely be going back!!"

  • "Excellent! Central Texas is fortunate to have a person of Amy's caliber to offer reflexology and sound, scientific information about essential oils. My session was heaven!!! Thank you Amy for coming to Texas."

  • "Had a 90-minute session with Amy earlier this week.

    Very relaxing and at the same time revitalizing experience. Great way to help yourself transition from the "holi-daze" to the regular daily routine.The session helped a lot with persistent neck tension that I have from having a desk job (and stress). I've also noticed that I slept a lot better since Monday than I do on a usual work week.

    Definitely booking again in a week or so!"

  • "Thanks to a ticklish back and a strong reflex to kick things that are tickling me, reflexology has always been the more relaxing form of therapy for both myself and practitioner.
    Being raised by the "more pain, more gain" school of foot rubs, I was surprised at how much more relaxing and beneficial health-wise  Amy's more gentle and targeted approach was to my feet.  And how even a little pressure on my second toe can clear my sinuses and cause my much inflamed turbinates to retreat.
    Amy's well-versed in many forms of reflexology that actually uses the *surprise* reflexes and not an intense grinding motion to bring foot, body, and in my case, allergy relief.
    Her space is super relaxing, and because she is also a certified aromatherapist, she's paired up my reflexology with my own custom-blended essential oil inhaler.  It smells awesome and more importantly, allows me to smell.
    I like to think that by using my feet to clear my sinuses I am literally kicking cedar in the butt!


Amy is passionate about helping you reach your health goals to live an abundant, vibrant, and balanced life.