Holistic Reflexology and Aromatic Medicine

Seasoned reflexologist and clinical aromatherapist Amy Kreydin helps folks find deep rest in reflexology, botanical allies in aromatic medicine, and encourages curiosity in your unique strengths and weaknesses as you move through life’s phases.

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At The Barefoot Dragonfly, we believe health lies at the intersection of mind – body – and spirit.

Aromatic botanicals are plant allies that support mind, body, and spirit.

Restorative pressure point therapy for whole-body healing from the inside out.

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Amy is my go to for all things Women’s Health. From fertility to menopause, from low back pain to perniscious migraines, Amy is MINT. She’s experienced, fun, and so so helpful!

Joy, Mountain Body & Mind

I had received reflexology prior to seeing Amy at Barefoot Dragonfly for the first time, so had some idea of what to expect – or so I thought. And then, Amy turned my ideas about reflexology around and improved the experience in every way possible. Amy’s work is 100% mindful and precise…and really nourishing and relaxing, too. (Aromatherapy absolutely enhances your Barefoot sessions, and I highly recommend!) I saw her for several sessions to address an issue that had impacted my cycle, digestion, and overall energy levels, and each session left me feeling more balanced than the last until greater wellbeing was sustained. It was a needed intervention but it felt like true luxury, every time. I absolutely recommend this practice for women seeking support for overall wellness, and for support with women’s issues, injury, or illness. Amy is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled, and wholly kind.


Amy is very professional and knowledgeable. I have seen her for reflexology and it is very relaxing. I actually fell asleep during the appointment, I look forward to my next visit!!


Amy is very attuned and really listens to me and to my feet. I like that she is certified and I also love the zero gravity chair! Happy to have found The Barefoot Dragonfly.


Seriously the best REAL reflexology you will find. Amy was awesome and such a NICE person that the whole experience was so so GREAT!!!! I will be back and so will you! Thanks Amy!!!


I met with Amy for the first time at my daughters suggestion.  I was having problems with gall bladder. I thought she was crazy to recommend Reflexology for this problem. Amy worked on my digestion and showed me a pressure point that would help when it flared up again. I have had one problem since I saw Amy and was surprised that it was not as bad a spell I had been having.  I would recommend The Barefoot Dragonfly.  It is a relaxing experience.
Thank you Amy


I have been going to Amy Kreydin for reflexology treatments for about ten years. I find it to be the most relaxing and helpful body and mind thing I have ever done. A person can be transported to an outer body experience. One hour is never enough!


Amy is extremely knowledgeable on holistic healing and a true professional. In today’s society, it can sometimes be difficult to weed out snake oil salesman vs true healers. Amy is a true healer who’s first concern is your health and well being. Highly recommend her services!


Amy is a miracle worker. I went to her yesterday afternoon and my feet were killing me. She was friendly and very professional very detailed. I recommend her to anyone who stands on their feet 8 hours of the day working. She will make you feel like you are walking on air. She answered all my questions very knowledgeable. I’m putting this in my budget for the family its a must have.. Amy is amazing…. My feet says Thanks Amy…


I am so happy that I found the Barefoot Dragonfly. Amy is thorough and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable and the treatment was super relaxing and therapeutic. The location is super convenient with amble easy parking not to mention the office space is beautiful. I can’t wait to go back!


If I had the option to give more stars I would. I have searched for YEARS for a natural and gentle way to help ease my monthly cronic migraine symptoms. I have tried other body modalities such as acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractics. I started reflexology 6 months ago, I see Amy one to two times a month. I did not review before today as I wanted to give a review based on my commitment over the last 7 months. While each reflexology session has brought me a deeper relaxtion then I have ever had, last month my migraine cluster went from 4 to 5 day to 2. This month to 3. If you experience the nuerologic disorder of migraines you know this is huge. Each time I have a migraine it debilatates me and even days after my thought processes are slow and retention diffacult. Starting reflexology has eased my symptoms, helped me relax and opened my eyes to how important self care is. Amy is a TRUE healer you are so fortunate to have found her, book now, you will not regret it.


Not enough stars to express how wonderful Amy is. She is kind hearted, hardworking, and incredibly attentive to your needs. I recommend her business to almost every I meet who could benefit from her services.


Amy is an excellent aromatherapist and reflexology. Kind, gentle, understanding with super hands. I left buoyant after today’s session.


Amy has a world of knowledge about essential oils and reflexology. I recommend her to other health practitioners and clients who need to learn more about safe use of EOs.

You guys.  I had NO IDEA reflexology could be such a completely relaxing experience!  From the moment I walked thru the door, my tension started dissipating. Through perfectly, peacefully quiet and beautifully decorated halls, Amy led me to the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in and soaked my feet in a just-prepared blend of essential oils and warm water.  Then my dream chair got even dreamier, and tilted me back for the reflexology treatment.  I don’t know about you, but my previous experience with “reflexology” was having tender places on my feet pulverized by pointy thumbs.  Little did I know!  Amy has an expertly tender touch, and an excellent bedside manner.  Everything she did felt wonderful, and by 10 minutes in I was floating in another world.  When it was over, I felt relaxed and calm but also invigorated.  Ready for a new week!  Since my first visit, I’ve been returning regularly, and have found Amy and her work nothing short of excellent.  I’ve experienced better sleep, improved digestion and increased resilience to stress as a result of Amy’s care.  I give Amy 10 toes up!


The Barefoot Dragonfly is by far the best decision I ever made for my health. Amy is kind and patient. She is highly knowledgeable and was able to assist me with my chronic back pain. I am now a frequent visitor. I highly recommend!!


Love Amy!!!!  She is always so relaxing and helpful to get my stress level in better shape.  I’m a regular now!


Thanks to a ticklish back and a strong reflex to kick things that are tickling me, reflexology has always been the more relaxing form of therapy for both myself and practitioner.

Being raised by the “more pain, more gain” school of foot rubs, I was surprised at how much more relaxing and beneficial health-wise Amy’s more gentle and targeted approach was to my feet. And how even a little pressure on my second toe can clear my sinuses and cause my much inflamed turbinates to retreat.

Amy’s well-versed in many forms of reflexology that actually uses the *surprise* reflexes and not an intense grinding motion to bring foot, body, and in my case, allergy relief.

Her space is super relaxing, and because she is also a certified aromatherapist, she’s paired up my reflexology with my own custom-blended essential oil inhaler. It smells awesome and more importantly, allows me to smell.

I like to think that by using my feet to clear my sinuses I am literally kicking cedar in the butt!


Amy is amazingly talented and knowledgeable about her arts. I have been thrilled with my treatments and individualized care. And, I love her treatment chair, its pure bliss.


When I asked for aromatherapist referrals, Amy’s name was put forth time after time. She did a wonderful job coming up with an aromatherapy plan for my daughter. My daughter was so excited to get started after the consultation and so far she’s having a thoroughly positive response. I highly recommend Amy and plan to schedule a consultation for myself.


There are no words which can adequately convey my wonderful experience during my sessions with Amy. She is absolutely Magical, and her touch has me reach the deepest states of relaxation beyond anything I have ever achieved before. Amy is kind and knowledgeable; her energy is Amazing; and the office is clean, comfortable, tranquil and Beautiful.  I excitedly look forward to my sessions with Amy and I cannot recommend her highly enough!


I met with Amy a week ago for my first Reflexology appointment. I was very impressed with her demeanor, the atmosphere of her office, and how relaxing the whole experience was. She was very knowledgeable about her craft, and I appreciated her answering any questions I had about the process. I went in for digestive problems, and she worked on my feet for an hour – I know what you’re thinking! “How are the feet connected to the digestive system?” Well, I can tell you that I have been feeling fabulous ever since my appointment with Amy. No tummy issues, and I fully attribute it to our session. She can take care of any problems that you have, and I highly recommend her services.


Amy is a terrific reflexologist.  I’ve been searching for a true reflexologist for a while now as there aren’t many around.  I found her and plan on doing monthly sessions with her.  Her space is tranquil and her techniques are flawless.  The chair she has you sit in just surrounds your body and she can even provide a blanket for cozy comfort.  Amy really takes the time to listen to how I am feeling and give me a treatment that fits my needs. I highly recommend The Barefoot Dragonfly.


I have been going to Amy for reflexology for a few months and plan to continue!  She has helped my stress level, I immediately feel better after sessions with her.  She has also helped my sinus issues.  I highly recommend reflexology and absolutely with Amy at Barefoot Dragonfly!


I have been looking for a great reflexologist ever since spending time in China. My search is over, finally – Amy at The Barefoot Dragonfly is amazing! Her touch is spot on, her listening skills and note taking are top notch (I don’t have to repeat myself or what I’m hoping to accomplish at each session) and most importantly, the results are everything I had hoped for. After my first visit, I felt better than I had in ages; after my second visit, I knew I would be a fan for life!



Intermediate Reflexology Course – Level Two

March 7 @ 8:00 am - June 15 @ 5:00 pm

Reflexology Skill Exchange – May 10th

May 10 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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