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In this introductory course, participants will explore the science-art of foot reflexology with experienced reflexologist, Amy Kreydin, a 19 year veteran in the field.

There are six lectures covering the following topics:

  1. Origins and Theories of Reflexology – we’ll look at the history and theories of foot therapies spanning some 5,000 years of healing arts from India, China, Egypt, Europe, and today’s modern approaches in North America.
  2. Reflexology for Every Body, Cautions, and Contraindications – a discussion on the benefits of authentic reflexology treatments, common reasons folks utilize this therapy, as well as cautions, and contraindications when reflexology is not advised.
  3. Structure and Function of the Foot and Lower Leg – a deep dive into the arches, bones, and tissues of the feet lay a framework of understanding the mechanics of foot functionality and movement.
  4. Anatomical Locations of Reflexes – mapping the feet onto the body has always been a bit of a science and an artistic application. Let’s explore where each organ, gland, and part goes in this lesson.
  5. Sanitation and Hygiene in the Reflexology Practice – working with the human microbiome under the lens of public health is an important aspect of any bodywork professional and we’ll explore industry best practices here.
  6. Introduction to Session Documentation – in this lesson we’ll dive into keeping a written record of our client interactions in a clear, concise format that is easy to replicate in repeat visits.

These lectures are delivered live via Zoom and are recorded for participants who cannot make the live lesson.

Following the Zoom lectures are three days of in-person practicum offered in the Austin, Texas studio. They include:

Day One:

  • Observing the Feet – we’ll interact with each other’s feet to explore stress cues, longitudinal zones and guidelines, as well as the four main types of foot shapes;
  • Introduction to Reflex Techniques – we’ll practice finger, thumb, and knuckle techniques unique to the field of reflexology;
  • Preparing the Feet – we’ll practice a routine to prepare the feet for a comprehensive reflexology session.

Day Two:

  • Gait and Footwear Analysis – observing each other’s feet to put our anatomy into practice we’ll see what stress cues we can pick up on – bring your most comfortable shoes you wear often!
  • Reflexing the Spinal Cord and Column – partnering with a classmate, we’ll map out the spine on the feet and put our new reflex techniques into practice;
  • Reflexing Body Regions – partnering with a classmate we’ll map out body regions and apply reflex techniques to them.

Day Three:

  • Taking a Health History – partnering with a classmate, we’ll practice taking a basic health history using our new session documentation skills;
  • Thirty Minute Foot Routine – we’ll pull together days one and two to give and receive a ~30 minute foot reflexology treatment with classmates;
  • Areas of Emphasis – armed with a ~30 minute general routine we’ll dip our toes into session planning skills to hone in on areas that need a bit more attention than others.

By the end of this first course participants will have a 30 minutes, or longer, foot reflexology routine using the American Standard method of reflexology. This can readily be used on friends and family, in an existing field of practice like massage or physical therapy, or can be a foundation to launch into the intermediate course in our Reflexology Program.

Zoom lectures are scheduled as follow:

  1. Thursday, March 9th, 8am-12pm
  2. Thursday, March 23rd, 8am-12pm
  3. Thursday, March 30th, 8am-12pm
  4. Thursday, April 6th, 8am-12pm
  5. Thursday, April 13th, 8am-12pm
  6. Thursday, April 20th, 8am -12pm

Practicum days in the Austin, Texas studio will be held on:

  1. Thursday, April 27th, 9am-5pm
  2. Friday, April 28th, 9am-5pm
  3. Saturday, April 29th, 9am-5pm

Snack and lunch breaks are taken outdoors in the carport, no food or drink is permitted in the studio. Participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch and may utilize the refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven in the kitchen.


To register, visit the Foundations in Reflexology page on our user portal over on Practice Better. Pay the $396 tuition (in one payment or two) and respond to application questions during the online checkout process. You will receive a confirmation via email (check your spam folder!) and an invitation to create an account in the student portal. You can use the contact form to send an email if you have questions or schedule a Student Advising via Zoom with Amy.

Registration is open to all with seating for eight (8) participants working on classmates during the practicum. This level is offered a couple times a year for folks to learn a 30 minute routine to practice on loved ones or integrated into an existing bodywork or acupuncture practice.


$396 for 48 hour Foundations in Reflexology course

Class Refund Policy

Class payments are non-refundable, but may be used towards future classes within a twelve month period if you contact us to withdraw within two weeks (14 days) BEFORE the start of class. If you withdraw with less than two weeks (14 days) from the start of class all payments made are non-refundable or transferrable and any balance owed is still due if your payment plan is not complete. Your tuition covers the cost of a seat in the course, whether or not you are in attendance. If you have to miss classes we will help you make up the missed material. We know that circumstances change and life challenges come up, but we cannot make exceptions.

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