Working With Amy

Amy with Yarrow

I’m a goal-oriented practitioner who works with women, and their families, to address the underlying issues of acute and chronic dis-ease patterns. Sessions are designed to help you get back your balance, heal faster, and maintain your good health.

Virtual wellness consults are available to both new and established clients. Reflexology sessions are available to established clients. Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am-5pm, Central time.

New Clients and those who haven’t been in for a session within the past 12 months can schedule a New Client Intake appointment to be held via Zoom from the comfort of your home. Returning Clients can request a consultation or reflexology session.

COVID-19 Protocols

Community safety is very important to me here at The Barefoot Dragonfly as I work with the most vulnerable amongst us – pediatrics, folks receiving chemotherapy, organ transplant recipients, pregnancy and newborns, autoimmunity, and geriatrics. Please note that persons who have recovered from COVID-19 will need to know their current cardiovascular health as bodywork is contraindicated in the case of active blood clots due to the risk of embolism. Not sure? Ask your doctor before scheduling an appointment.

Preventative measures I have put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in appointments and practicum lessons:

  • Ventilation and Filtration  – this has shown to be a key player in reducing airborne contaminates like virus particles that are exhaled when talking, breathing, coughing, and sneezing. I use a combination of window vents and/or fans to maintain fresh air flow into the studio at all times. You can see the two CO2 sensors in the room to note how much fresh air is brought in – my goal is to bring enough fresh air into the room we can be under 800 ppm of CO2 (outside air is 415 ppm). I’m also running tandem air purifiers, two BlueAir 121 filters which have a combined air cleaning rate of 16.67 air changes per hour, or every 3.75 minutes the air in the whole room is being cleaned with a HEPA-type filter. Read more here.
  • Disinfection – I am using botanical-based disinfectants approved by the EPA for SARS-CoV-2 to clean contact surfaces, equipment, flooring, and the bathroom before and after each client.
  • Social bubble – I keep a small social bubble, and have done so throughout the pandemic, to reduce risk of exposure to myself and clients.
  • My health status – I have received two doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, a Moderna mRNA booster (12/14/21), and the flu shot (October 2021), I take daily temperature checks, opt for outdoor recreation, and wear face masks in indoor settings. I take an at-home rapid antigen test weekly and a PCR test every couple of weeks as a proactive screen for asymptomatic infection. If I am feeling at all unwell, have a fever, or am notified that I have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) you will be notified ASAP to postpone your appointment while I self isolate and await PCR test results.

I’m asking clients and students to adhere to the following office policies:

  • Wear a fitted mask – gaps around the nose bridge and sides nullify the protection of a face mask. I love my Korean KF-94 masks by AirQueen, POSH, BOTN, and Blue 3D. They have a filtration efficiency of at least 94% for 0.3 microns, are very comfortable to wear, and they fit a wider variety of face shapes. Want to try one out for your session? I can bring one out to your car before our appointment.
  • Stay home if you’re unwell – there’s no cancellation fee penalty if you or someone in your household wakes up the morning of your session with a cough, sneezing, a scratchy throat or other signs of illness. Text me and we’ll postpone until you’re able to get a PCR test. Info on where to get tested: in Williamson County, and Travis County.
  • Get tested after travel – schedule a free PCR test at one of the local Curative kiosks around town to make sure you didn’t bring an unwanted souvenir back with you. I’d appreciate the courtesy of an antigen or PCR test 72 hours after your recent travel.
  • Consider later flow tests – people infected with the Delta variant infect six to eight other people and Omicron is about 3x more infectious. If you’re using lateral flow (rapid at home tests) make sure you’re swabbing the throat and the nose.

Thank you for helping me to make in-person sessions safer for all of us. I value your commitment to community and appreciate your efforts more than you know.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens. Need to cancel or make adjustments to your appointment? Let me know ASAP so others have the opportunity to be seen. I request a 24-hour advance notice when cancelling an individual appointment. In the event you are unable to give me the minimum 24-hour advance notice, and your appointment time cannot be filled by someone from the waiting list, you will be responsible for the full amount of the service scheduled. If someone from the waiting list can take your appointment time you will not be charged for your appointment.

Late arrivals will still be charged for the duration of the appointment scheduled though the appointment may need to be shortened to ensure your wellness provider can still meet with the next appointment on time.

No-show appointments, in which you forget or choose to forgo your appointment, will be responsible for the full amount of the service scheduled.

In the event of illness or positive COVID-19 test this cancellation policy will be waived for in-person appointments. I appreciate your efforts in helping to reduce my risk of exposure and protect the immunocompromised clients I work with.