Working with Amy

I love helping folks level up their quality of life and do more of what they love! As a wellness practitioner of eighteen years my areas of special interest include:

  • Hormone balance – menstrual, fertility, perimenopause, menopause, and sleep.
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions – Ehlers-Danlos, arthritis, Raynaud’s, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue.
  • Gastrointestinal health – acute and chronic dysbiosis, GERD, constipation, bloating.
  • Pain management – neuropathy, sciatica, migraine, interstitial cystitis, frozen shoulder.
  • Long-Covid – not feeling the same since COVID, brain fog, fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, nerve pain.

My goal is to help you tap into your body’s innate healing abilities to feel better and heal faster. Wherever you may be on your wellness journey, let me know how I can be of support.

  • Amy with Yarrow

Infectious Disease Policy

You deserve the best possible care I can offer, and that includes using layers of mitigation to prevent spreading infectious disease within my practice. To ensure the best possible care the following practice policies are in place:

  • All visitors (clients and students) wear a well-fitting KN95, N95, or KF95 medical grade mask.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of viral infection or a recent diagnosis of asymptomatic viral infection will need to wait until the infection has cleared – a minimum of 14 days for COVID-19, and 28 days for Monkeypox (until scabs fall off).
  • Anyone exposed through close contact – shared air – to someone who has recently tested positive for an infectious virus should seek testing prior to coming for an appointment – COVID-19 has a 3-5 day incubation period, Monkeypox has a 21-56 day incubation period.

Evidence-Informed Disinfection Practices

As the nature of Reflexology is close work with sustained shared air and skin contact, the following practices are being utilized to create a safe and hygienic space for you:

  • Clinic linens are washed in ultra hot water with a disinfectant agent (oxgyen-boosting powder and/or bleach).
  • HEPA air cleaners run at a minimum of 12 air changes per hour.
  • Contact surfaces are being cleaned with EPA approved disinfectants for Emerging Viral Pathogens – I use Thymol, Hypochlorous Acid (electrolyzed water, vinegar, and salt), and 6-12% Hydrogen Peroxide. The goal is to kill dangerous pathogens without harming ourselves and the planet in the process.

You can rest assured that I wear a medical grade mask out and about, conduct weekly asymptomatic testing, and am fully vaccinated and up to date on all available immunizations recommended for health professionals. I also participate in lifestyle practices, like exercise and botanical medicine, to stay healthy.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours advanced notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment so you will not be charged for the missed appointment. Cancellation due to infectious disease is never penalized.

Reflexology Contraindications

Reflexology is fully contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Acute infectious disease or state; acute infectious fever.
  • Osteoporosis and decalcification due to tumors, or poor healing and malunion of bone due to injury.
  • Acute inflammation of the venous system – deep vein thrombosis, coagulopathies.
  • Under the influence of medications or drugs that impair decision-making and sense of pressure via touch.

Local contraindications for Reflexology means the affected area cannot be worked on so the session may be shortened in length or the option of including another reflex map (e.g. the hands and/or ears) may be more suitable. The following are examples of local contraindications:

  • Skin is compromised – bug bite, cut, stitches, open blister, plantar wart – make sure these are covered prior to session and let me know what’s going on under the bandaid;
  • Bone fracture – until the bone has healed completely the affected limb will need to be immobilized for the session so movement does not impede the body’s healing efforts;
  • Deep bruising and/or tissue trauma without broken skin;
  • Acute inflammation of the lymphatic system – swollen lymph nodes, severe edema.