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300 Hour Reflexology Certificate Program

We offer the most comprehensive Reflexology Program in the state of Texas, preparing students for a rewarding career in the healing arts as a Certified Reflexologist. Theoretical lessons are delivered online using videoconference software and practicum lessons are held in the Austin, Texas studio. This program uses a combination of audiovisual presentations, lecture, demonstration, and case studies.

About the Reflexology Program

The 300 Hour Reflexology Certificate Program offered at The Barefoot Dragonfly LLC is a total of 300 hours, offered in three levels: Foundations of Reflexology, Intermediate Reflexology, and Advanced Reflexology. The total program includes 120 hours of in-studio practicum, 120 hours of live lectures delivered via Zoom videoconference, and 60 hours of documented case studies performed independently (60, one-hour treatments done on clients). The final practicum will include a written and practical exam. This hybrid learning style makes studying Reflexology more accessible for folks traveling from out of town, and helps keep the program more budget-friendly.

Kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning tools are used to assist your exploration of this hands-on modality in a hybrid environment where lessons on anatomy and physiology are delivered online then put into practice in the studio with demonstration and return-demonstration of techniques, reflex locations, and routines. Adult learners feel engaged physically, mentally, and energetically as they move through the learning units and prepare for graduation.

Program Outline

Foundations in Reflexology – Level One

This is the first course level in our 300 Hour Program and is open to folks interested in exploring the healing art of reflexology. Foundations in Reflexology is 24 hours of lecture delivered via Zoom videoconference software and 24 hours of in-person practicum at the Austin, Texas studio.

Tuition is $396 for 48 hour Foundations in Reflexology course

Intermediate Reflexology – Level Two

The Intermediate Reflexology course builds on our foundational understanding of reflexology by looking at the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of twelve body systems through a whole-person lens. Lectures give us a theoretical understanding of each body system and practicums help us translate that information into the reflex maps.

Tuition is $792 for 96 hour Intermediate Reflexology course

Advanced Reflexology – Level Three

The Advanced Reflexology course is designed to prepare the reflexology student for private practice and build on their experience with foot reflexology to include the reflex maps found on the hands and outer ears. This course includes 48 hours of lecture delivered via Zoom videoconference software and 48 hours of in-person practicum at the Austin, Texas studio.

The 300 Hour Reflexology Certificate Program is composed of five, 48-hour learning units.

The program breaks down to:

  • 120 hours of lecture
  • 120 hours of practicum
  • 60 independent case studies

This program meets the education standards set forth by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), and the National Council for Reflexology Educators (NCRE).

ARCB requires 110 classroom hours – this program offers 240
RAA requires 180 classroom hours – this program offers 240
NCRE recommends 120 classroom hours – this program offers 240

Graduates are prepared to take the voluntary American Reflexology Certification Board exam upon completion.


The tuition for the 300 Hour Reflexology Certificate Program is $8.25 per hour for 300 hours or $2,475. The student is financially responsible for purchasing the required textbooks through their preferred book retailer. No equipment purchase is required for this program but it is advised the student obtain reflexology equipment to conduct their case studies on their own time.

Join the Waitlist!

Want to be considered for registration? Signal your interest in either the March-May 2024 Foundations in Reflexology Cohort or the August-October 2024 Foundations in Reflexology Cohort.

2024 Reflexology Course Offerings

The Autumn 2023 Cohort of students started training on Monday, August 14, 2023

The January 2024 Cohort of students will start training on Thursday, January 11, 2023

The August-October waitlist is open to signal interest in the Fall Cohort

Intermediate Reflexology Course – Level Two

November 6, 2023 @ 8:00 am - March 23, 2024 @ 5:00 pm

Foundations in Reflexology – Level One

January 11 @ 8:00 am - March 2 @ 5:00 pm

Intermediate Reflexology Course – Level Two

March 7 @ 8:00 am - June 15 @ 5:00 pm

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle bodywork modality that encourages the body towards homeostasis in all physical and energetic systems. Primary benefits include deep relaxation, improved circulation, and an enhanced sense of well-being. This non-invasive modality has been studied in hospitals, clinics, and labs across the globe.

In this program I teach the reflex maps as a microcosm of the whole – the entire body mirrored on maps found in the feet, hands, and outer ears. Reflexology-specific stimulation is applied using finger, thumb, and knuckle techniques to these maps to encourage balance in each organ, gland, and part affected. Reflexology is not a fancy term for foot massage, it is a self-regulating modality recognized by the National Institutes of Health under the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

As a wellness modality, Reflexology’s popularity has grown in recent years through word-of-mouth, attention by the press, television segments, and through social media. Some states have instituted professional guidelines in the form of registration or licensure of professional reflexologists. At this time the state of Texas considers the modality of Reflexology to be exempt from massage licensure. The National Council for Reflexology Educators (NCRE) recommends a baseline curriculum of 120 hours of education. The American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) offers board certification to those who have received a minimum of 110 hours of education and pass their written and practical exam. To practice as a reflexologist in another state I advise you check with your state’s Department of Health or Licensing Department for their rules and regulations. Some states regulate reflexology, while others do not. RAA list of state laws.

About Your Instructor

Reflexology first caught my attention as a teenager sitting for one of my botanical medicine exams. Eunice Ingham’s book Stories the Feet Can Tell & Stories the Feet Have Told inspired me to enroll in a distance education program, the only option available to me in New Mexico in the 90s. Later, while working a desk job I went to night school for Reflexology at the Palmer Institute of Massage & Bodywork. By the time I was half through the 200 hour program I knew I was ready for a career change and opened my practice the same month I graduate in June 2004.

Since then I’ve had the great honor of some 12,000 client encounters, hundreds of hours of continuing education from mentors and colleagues around the globe, and a fulfilling career doing what I love. I was drawn to teach continuing education in 2006 and was asked to run my first full reflexology program in 2013. The Autumn 2023 offering is my 13th cohort of students and I am inspired by those who train with me and take this healing art modality to their communities, offering deep rest and renewal for folks in all ages and stages of life.

Amy’s credentials include:

  • Certified Reflexologist
  • ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist
  • NCRE National Certified Reflexology Educator
  • CCAP Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner
  • Diploma in Aromatic Medicine

See Curriculum Vitae for more information

Program Policies

Tuition payments and deposits are non-refundable, but may be used toward future classes within a 12 month period if you submit your withdrawal fourteen (14) days BEFORE the class begins. Should you withdraw with less than fourteen (14) days notice, all payments made are not refundable or transferrable AND your full balance is still due if your payment is not complete. Thank you for understanding that your tuition pays for your seat during the class, whether or not you are able to attend. If you have to miss some class time, we will work with you to help you make up the material. We know that circumstances change and life challenges come up, but we cannot make exceptions.

Live lectures are offered throughout the program but are also recorded for participants who request an absence due to illness, conflict of schedule, or family emergency. Those with an excused absence will need to review the recording and participate in the online message board discussion for that lecture topic to receive credit as self-study hours on their transcript. Unexcused absences will count against students in the participation portion of the grade for each learning unit.

Classroom attendance is required for the practicum hours and is not available as a makeup session via recording. Students who miss more than four (4) hours of a 3-day practicum session will not be eligible to advance to the next learning until they are able to catch up with their classmates. One-on-one private tutoring can be scheduled for those who need to makeup practicum hours.

Tardiness poses a difficulty for all the students and teacher as the class either cannot begin on time or the tardy student misses out on important class time. Therefore, time of tardiness will also contribute to the hours of absence and will count against the participation portion of the course grade. If unexcused tardiness and absences should total more than 20 hours, students may be dismissed for unsatisfactory attendance unless the instructor approves the extenuating circumstances.

The Barefoot Dragonfly LLC expects that students will remain in communication via email, text messaging, group or private chat via the student portal, and voicemail at all times during the program. Changes in the schedule due to weather or other situations, class reminders, and other important communications are delivered via email, text messaging, group or private chat via the student portal, and/or voicemail. Students must be able to receive communication. Students who cannot attend classes or will be late for class must message the instructor via the student portal or text messaging to inform of the absence and its reason.

Students must complete all 240 hours of lectures and practicum sessions, pass all final exams, pay all tuition in full, and comply with all school policies. In addition, students must complete 60 hours of documented case studies performed independently (60, one-hour treatments performed on practice clients) and submit to the instructor for review within six months of the final practicum.

The Barefoot Dragonfly LLC expects students to behave in the mature and professional manner that they will need in their career in Reflexology. If students become disruptive in class or misuse email or student portal communications during the program, they may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the program.

  • Students are expected to maintain their studies at their current class level.
  • Students are expected to attend classes sober and not under the influence of alcohol recreational drugs, or strong pain killers that will interfere with studies.
  • Students are expected to hold themselves to a high ethical standard and not commit academic misconduct such as cheating, falsification of case studies, and/or misrepresentation of homework assignments.

Students are expected to help maintain the integrity of audio and visual presentations when attending a live lecture videoconference so all attendees can enjoy the presentation.

Participants are expected to familiarize themselves with the available settings to disable video and/or mute microphone as needed. Accidents happen and occasionally a participant is unaware they are broadcasting audio and/or video of themselves or their environment to the classroom they intended to disable audio and/or video.

In the event of unprofessional, disruptive, or obscene audio or visual input from participant, the instructor will disable the participant’s video and/or microphone. A participant may be banned from a live lecture if they are belligerent or hostile towards the instructor and/or classmates.

Working in the health and wellness field means a certain level of exposure to the human microbiome through skin contact, respiratory droplets, and bioaerosols. The Barefoot Dragonfly LLC maintains a hygienic studio environment through evidence informed practices that are designed to protect students and the general public from cross-infection.

The following universal precautions are in practice:

  • Hygiene practices: hand hygiene is practiced routinely through the use of hand washing with soap and warm water, and the use of hand sanitizer gel or foam. Compromised skin should be appropriately covered (e.g. bandaid over a blister on the heel, a finger cot on the finger with knuckle fissure, liquid bandage on a paper cut, etc…).
  • Infection control practices: the studio maintains a minimum of 12 equivalent air changes per hour when occupied and employs the use of EPA approved disinfectants for emerging viral pathogens on contact surfaces and equipment. Linens are laundered using surfactants, disinfectants, and heat.
  • Feeling sick? students experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, fever, sore throat, cough, head lice, pink eye – or who have recently been diagnosed and/or suspected with norovirus, covid-19, measles, lice, chickenpox, conjunctivitis, monkeypox, staphylococcal or streptococcal infection, upper or lower respiratory virus, whooping cough, or other communicable illness – are not permitted to attend practicum until the illness has passed. Virtual learning will be made available for those who feel up to participating live and we will work to catch you up to speed in a one-on-one session prior to the next practicum. In the event the instructor should develop a communicable illness, the practicum will be handed off to a teaching assistant, postponed, cancelled, or offered live via Zoom.
Does this course include hands-on training?2023-02-06T17:20:47-06:00

Absolutely! The hands-on lessons are delivered as practicum sessions here in the Austin, Texas studio at the end of every learning unit.

Why is the program 300 hours?2023-02-06T17:46:49-06:00

The Barefoot Dragonfly runs the most comprehensive Reflexology Program in the state of Texas. We are the only program that meets the national education standards set forth by the Reflexology Association of America, the American Reflexology Certification Board, and the National Council for Reflexology Educators running in the state.

Graduates of our program will be well prepared to practice a client-centered approach to health and wellness as a Foot Hand and Ear Reflexologist in their community.

Theoretical lessons cover:

  • anatomy, physiology, and pathology of every body system
  • business management and practice
  • mind-body concepts and an introduction to Eastern medical systems
  • reflexology research

Practical lessons cover:

  • reflexology techniques
  • body mechanics
  • foot and gait analysis
  • student clinics

To graduate from the program and receive a certificate, the participant must complete all required lessons and materials, attend all live practicums, practical exam, and 60 hours of case studies in your community.

Do you prepare me to sit for the national board exam?2023-02-06T18:15:05-06:00

Upon successful completion of the program you will be fully prepared to sit for the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) exam. While the ARCB does not permit educators to teach from their study guideline, the curriculum here at The Barefoot Dragonfly is designed to be comprehensive so you are prepared to answer anatomy, physiology, pathology, and reflexology questions during ARCB’s written exam.

What students are saying…

Thank you for your gift of teaching me about the body and reflexology. I am learning much and am grateful. It has been fun to see my view of the world change as I come to class. Our bodies affect so much in how we experience life. I appreciate the approach you take with the material and with your students.

Joy, Autumn 2023 Cohort
I guess what I really want people to know is that no matter how unhealthy they feel or how defeated life has them they are worth nurturing themselves. I think living with a chronic condition or chronic stress can put us in a negative place and we forget how important feeling cared for can be mentally and physically. Being sick is what really made me seek out relief from companion practices like Reflexology. The immediate response I felt was the catalyst to study Reflexology.
My favorite part of Reflexology school was practicum and asking my community to be case studies. Practicing and seeing the positive effects of Reflexology was really motivating as a student.
Sarah, Autumn 2018 Cohort, Community Reflexology

I just wanted you to know I just completed my board exam in Seattle and got very good feedback from my proctor about the practical portion. Just wanted to thank you for your amazing program which set me up for success!

Nancy, Autumn 2021 Cohort, Fancy Footwork Reflexology
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