Bespoke Treatments Available For

Reproductive Health

From menarche through menopause, and every phase between. Holistic support for balancing hormones, treating ovarian cysts and fibroids, regulating menstrual cycles, hot flashes, easing cramps and PMS.


Enhance health and wellness of parent and baby for each trimester using evidence-informed therapies designed to reduce fatigue, ease stress and pain, ameliorate nausea, and prepare for childbirth.


Autoimmune and inflammatory conditions respond well to a whole-person approach including arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, celiac, and inflammatory bowel disease to name a few.


Help in the fourth trimester is a time to nourish and build energy in the parent caring for a newborn. Speed recovery, aid lactation and milk supply, balance hormones and emotions.


Digestive health and mental health are linked via the Vagus nerve. Bespoke sessions address the underlying patterns contributing to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, and weight gain.


Holistic approaches for acute and chronic pain conditions like lower back pain, migraines, TMJ, joint pain, whiplash, neuropathy of the feet and/or hands, neck and shoulder tension, and sciatica.


Sessions are designed to optimize health and enhance fertility, whether you’re planning to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI or IVF.

Internal Wellness

Healing from the inside-out for sleep, circulatory, respiratory, immunity, emotional-mental, and preventative well-being. Wellness plans can accommodate daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal goals.


“From all kinds of flowers,
Seek teachings everywhere,
Like a deer that finds
A quiet place to graze,
Seek seclusion to digest
All you have gathered.”
– Namkhai Norbu

What drew me to Reflexology and Botanical Medicine was adopting the pace of nature, slowing down, sitting with the body, listening to our unique needs, and tapping into our innate healing abilities. I love knowing that my ancestors used botanical medicine and pressure point therapies to bring comfort, healing, and a different way of looking at illness and dis-ease.

Reflexology is a hands-on modality that uses finger and thumb pressure techniques to check-in with every organ, gland, and body part – gently nudging the body towards ease and balance.

Phytotherapy is the science-art of using plants for medicinal and therapeutic purposes in a measured and controlled way, relying on the science of formulary work, and the art of vitalist or energetic plant medicine.


Aromatic Medicine

Amy knows her stuff! Amazing reflexology treatments that relieve tension headaches! I really appreciate this wonderful woman  she blended some amazing oils for deep tissue work.


I’ve had excellent reflexology sessions in China, and when I got back to Austin, went looking for something similar here.  I was disappointed time after time – until I found Barefoot Dragonfly.  Amy’s training is top-shelf; her manner is welcoming and relaxing, and her knowledge of reflexology is outstanding.  I schedule in regular appts (just as I do with my hairstylist) – it’s something that keeps me feeling good and keeping healthy!

I highly recommend Amy and Barefoot Dragonfly!

Mary M

If I had the option to give more stars I would. I have searched for YEARS for a natural and gentle way to help ease my monthly cronic migraine symptoms. I have tried other body modalities such as acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractics. I started reflexology 6 months ago, I see Amy one to two times a month. I did not review before today as I wanted to give a review based on my commitment over the last 7 months. While each reflexology session has brought me a deeper relaxtion then I have ever had, last month my migraine cluster went from 4 to 5 day to 2. This month to 3. If you experience the nuerologic disorder of  migraines you know this is huge. Each time I have a migraine it debilatates me and even days after my thought processes are slow and retention diffacult. Starting reflexology has eased my symptoms, helped me relax and opened my eyes to how important self care is. Amy is a TRUE healer you are so fortunate to have found her, book now, you will not regret it.


Amy is truly the BEST!  I have had two sessions with her now and I cannot emphasize enough her level of knowledge and professionalism.  I am an LMT and have been receiving bodywork for over 30 years – rarely have I experienced the comfort, relaxation and healing as I have with Amy.  She has taught me not only about how aromatherapy can improve my life but also how skilled work on ones extremities can truly heal your entire being.

Can’t wait to see her again!!


Amy is a terrific reflexologist.  I’ve been searching for a true reflexologist for a while now as there aren’t many around.  I found her and plan on doing monthly sessions with her.  Her space is tranquil and her techniques are flawless.  The chair she has you sit in just surrounds your body and she can even provide a blanket for cozy comfort.  Amy really takes the time to listen to how I am feeling and give me a treatment that fits my needs. I highly recommend The Barefoot Dragonfly.


Amy listens and she’s very professional.  I’m sleeping better and feeling more in “rhythm” since my recent visit.  I’m looking forward to returning soon!

Mary B.

I met with Amy for the first time at my daughters suggestion.  I was having problems with gall bladder. I thought she was crazy to recommend Reflexology for this problem. Amy worked on my digestion and showed me a pressure point that would help when it flared up again. I have had one problem since I saw Amy and was surprised that it was not as bad a spell I had been having.  I would recommend The Barefoot Dragonfly.  It is a relaxing experience.
Thank you Amy


Amy is one of the most knowledgeable aromatherapists I know. I respect her knowledge, and her unique take on the topic. She’s a great mentor as well.


You guys.  I had NO IDEA reflexology could be such a completely relaxing experience!  From the moment I walked thru the door, my tension started dissipating.  Through perfectly, peacefully quiet and beautifully decorated halls, Amy led me to the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in and soaked my feet in a just-prepared blend of essential oils and warm water.  Then my dream chair got even dreamier, and tilted me back for the reflexology treatment.  I don’t know about you, but my previous experience with “reflexology” was having tender places on my feet pulverized by pointy thumbs.  Little did I know!  Amy has an expertly tender touch, and an excellent bedside manner.  Everything she did felt wonderful, and by 10 minutes in I was floating in another world.  When it was over, I felt relaxed and calm but also invigorated.  Ready for a new week!  Since my first visit, I’ve been returning regularly, and have found Amy and her work nothing short of excellent.  I’ve experienced better sleep, improved digestion and increased resilience to stress as a result of Amy’s care.  I give Amy 10 toes up!


When I asked for aromatherapist referrals, Amy’s name was put forth time after time. She did a wonderful job coming up with an aromatherapy plan for my daughter. My daughter was so excited to get started after the consultation and so far she’s having a thoroughly positive response. I highly recommend Amy and plan to schedule a consultation for myself.

Nicole S

Amy is extremely well-respected in the aromatherapy profession and I’ve learned much from her blogs, books and webinars. I refer my customers and clients to her whenever they need advanced aromatic consultation that is beyond my scope. Highly recommend.


Amy is amazingly talented and knowledgeable about her arts. I have been thrilled with my treatments and individualized care. And, I love her treatment chair, its pure bliss.


Amy has been a presence since the beginning of my studies with aromatherapy and over that time has remained a reliable constant in information and advice. Excellent aromatherapist and professional who can be trusted with even complex cases.


We did a phone consult and it was very helpful. She recommended oils for me and also for my horses during the conversation.


I have been going to Amy for reflexology for a few months and plan to continue!  She has helped my stress level, I immediately feel better after sessions with her. She has also helped my sinus issues.  I highly recommend reflexology and absolutely with Amy at Barefoot Dragonfly!


You can rely on Amy to be knowledgeable, professional and empathetic all at the same time and that is a rare combo to find. I only regret not being close enough to go for regular sessions with her.


I’ve been seeing Amy for reflexology and aromatherapy for several years now, and I recommend her widely. She is an absolute wealth of herbal, aromatherapeutic, and reflexology information; she reads widely and is constantly updating me on things she learns that may pertain to my health; and she’s a joyful, compassionate presence. Plus, she usually serves tea.  I always leave our sessions feeling better and better-informed.


I’ve been a fan of Amy Kreydin of The Barefoot Dragonfly since the first time I met her. She’s highly educated and has a very sensible and safe approach to aromatherapy. Amy also does great work as a reflexologist, helping ease the pain in my feet in a way that no other practitioner has. She does phone consults for aromatherapy, so she’s an option for those who don’t live locally.


There are no words which can adequately convey my wonderful experience during my sessions with Amy. She is absolutely Magical, and her touch has me reach the deepest states of relaxation beyond anything I have ever achieved before. Amy is kind and knowledgeable; her energy is Amazing; and the office is clean, comfortable, tranquil and Beautiful.  I excitedly look forward to my sessions with Amy and I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Amy is amazing at what she does! I’ve had several reflexology appointments with her, the most recent being an induction session at 41+2 weeks pregnant and I had my daughter in my arms 24 hours later! She’s shown me how to make elderberry syrup to protect my family from seasonal germs, and how to safely use Essential Oils. She is highly educated and passionate about what she does; you would be lucky to work with her!