Amy Kreydin is available to consult on commercial interests in aromatic therapies and applications. Examples of consulting roles Amy has experience in:

  • Botanical formulations for cosmetic and dietary supplementation.
  • Lead aroma designer for cosmetic formulations.
  • Botanical consultant for local farm-to-still operation.
  • Wound care formulations for local hospital.
  • Introducing on-site therapeutic essential oil plan to the Institutional Review Board.
  • Botanical formulations for local catering company’s alcohol and non-alcohol beverage menu.

Amy’s diverse experience with product lines and clinical teams makes her a valuable asset to the local business community planning to:

  • Introduce aromatherapy in a clinical setting – navigating politics, board approval, storage requirements, integrating into the dispensary/pharmacy, and more.
  • Add aromatics to food and beverages – sourcing food-grade botanicals, federal guidelines, recipe crafting, and more.
  • Formulate cosmetics and cosmeceuticals – current good manufacturing practices, banned and hazardous aromatics, preservative systems, emulsifiers, dispersants, marketing language, and more.
  • Retail aromatic products – navigating federal laws regarding language use in selling essential oils and aromatic products.
  • Introduce aromatics in a spa/massage/beauty setting  – on-site trainings, aromatic menu formulations and design.

Amy Kreydin has been studying the use of botanicals in diet, food, beverage, spa, and wellness applications for the past 19 years. She holds her CCAP (Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner) from R.J. Buckle Associates and has consulted for holistic skincare companies, hospital corporations, farms, retail shops, complementary medicine practitioners, spas, fitness centers, the hospitality industry, and others. Use the contact page to inquire about hiring Amy as a consultant for your project employing essential oils, hydrosols, and other botanical extractions for public use.