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The Barefoot Dragonfly is honored to support you on your wellness journey! Amy Kreydin’s mission is to co-create a wellness treatment plan that is customized to your unique needs and goals that supports your health and well-being. Aromatherapy and Reflexology treatments do not seek to pacify symptoms but to remove obstacles to health. Some results can be seen quickly, while more chronic imbalances are resolved gradually, over a period of six months to a year.

Sessions are available Monday through Friday, by appointment at the clinic in Northwest Austin or via phone for aromatherapy consultations. All appointments are subject to the 24 hour cancellation policy.

Holistic Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that utilizes specific pressure techniques applied to reflex maps, found on the feet, hands, and ears, that mirror the body. This nurturing pressure technique, unique to Reflexology, sends a message through the nervous, electrical, magnetic, and chemical systems of the body promoting homeostasis for mind, body, and spirit. For best results, plan on starting with a series of weekly or biweekly sessions to get the most out of this gentle, cumulative therapy.

New Client Reflexology Intake Packet

Initial Reflexology Treatment $85
One Hour Reflexology $70
90 min Reflexology $100
30 Minute Hand Reflexology $45
Fertility Reflexology $70
Prenatal Reflexology $70
Postpartum Reflexology $70

Holistic Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing science that utilizes concentrated plant extracts in the form of essential oils and hydrosols (aromatic waters), to bring harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Grounded in a rich history of holistic healing, Aromatherapy supports your own self-healing abilities and can be used as an adjunct to other wellness therapies you are participating in. Amy will be your teacher and guide, utilizing her expertise and insight alongside your intuition and commitment.

New Client Aromatherapy Consultation Packet

Comprehensive Aromatherapy Consultation $90
Follow-Up Aromatherapy Consultation $45
Aromatherapy Nap: Inhaled Aromatherapy Treatment $30
Comprehensive Aromatherapy Consultation via Phone $90

Prepaid Packages

Make reflexology a regular part of your life! Package series expire within 12 months of purchase. Can be shared with a loved one.

three 60-minute sessions………………$195
six 60-minute sessions………………….$360

Referral Rewards

Refer your family, friends, and colleagues to The Barefoot Dragonfly and reap the benefits. When your friend mentions you told them about us at their first session we’ll give them a $10 discount off that appointment and record your referral.