Holistic Reflexology and Aromatic Medicine

Seasoned reflexologist and clinical aromatherapist Amy Kreydin helps folks find deep rest in reflexology, botanical allies in aromatic medicine, and encourages curiosity in your unique strengths and weaknesses as you move through life’s phases.

Armin GeigerArmin Geiger
05:53 12 Jun 24
Welcoming, professional, calm, and absolutely amazing - I can't recommend Amy enough for her gift, skills and tailored approach. Every session feels wonderful, relaxing, and healing. Self care is profoundly important and Amy is a big part of that. Highly recommended!
Alli Milloy MooreAlli Milloy Moore
00:00 19 May 24
Love, love, love my reflexology sessions with Amy. The whole body relaxation, the tingling scalp, the desire to have the session go on forever. Do yourself a favor and book a session
Joanne PittmanJoanne Pittman
20:50 21 Feb 23
I have been going to Amy Kreydin for reflexology treatments for about ten years. I find it to be the most relaxing and helpful body and mind thing I have ever done. A person can be transported to an outer body experience. One hour is never enough!Joanne Pittman. A happy client!
Elizabeth GalenElizabeth Galen
17:26 21 Jun 22
Amy has a world of knowledge about essential oils and reflexology. I recommend her to other health practitioners and clients who need to learn more about safe use of EOs.
Joy StrombergJoy Stromberg
00:50 21 Jul 20
Amy is my go to for all things Women's Health. From fertility to menopause, from low back pain to perniscious migraines, Amy is MINT. She's experienced, fun, and so so helpful!
Lisa Sweet- KinseyLisa Sweet- Kinsey
13:22 25 Jun 19
Amy is extremely knowledgable on holistic healing and a true professional. In today’s society, it can sometimes be difficult to weed out snake oil salesman vs true healers. Amy is a true healer who’s first concern is your health and well being. Highly recommend her services!
Dana WyssDana Wyss
22:16 21 Jun 19
I had received reflexology prior to seeing Amy at Barefoot Dragonfly for the first time, so had some idea of what to expect - or so I thought. And then, Amy turned my ideas about reflexology around and improved the experience in every way possible. Amy's work is 100% mindful and precise...and really nourishing and relaxing, too. (Aromatherapy absolutely enhances your Barefoot sessions, and I highly recommend!) I saw her for several sessions to address an issue that had impacted my cycle, digestion, and overall energy levels, and each session left me feeling more balanced than the last until greater wellbeing was sustained. It was a needed intervention but it felt like true luxury, every time. I absolutely recommend this practice for women seeking support for overall wellness, and for support with women's issues, injury, or illness. Amy is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled, and wholly kind.
Sharla GottesmanSharla Gottesman
13:36 25 Sep 14
I met with Amy a week ago for my first Reflexology appointment. I was very impressed with her demeanor, the atmosphere of her office, and how relaxing the whole experience was. She was very knowledgeable about her craft, and I appreciated her answering any questions I had about the process. I went in for digestive problems, and she worked on my feet for an hour - I know what you're thinking! "How are the feet connected to the digestive system?" Well, I can tell you that I have been feeling fabulous ever since my appointment with Amy. No tummy issues, and I fully attribute it to our session. She can take care of any problems that you have, and I highly recommend her services.

I’m rooting for you!

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At The Barefoot Dragonfly, we believe health lies at the intersection of mind – body – and spirit.

Aromatic botanicals are plant allies that support mind, body, and spirit.

Restorative pressure point therapy for whole-body healing from the inside out.

Join the Spring or Fall next cohort of foot-hand-ear reflexology students.


Foundations in Reflexology – Level One

August 13 @ 8:00 am - October 27 @ 5:00 pm

Advanced Reflexology – Level Three

August 15 @ 8:00 am - November 9 @ 5:00 pm


A Reflexologist’s View of Calluses

Thick, hardened layers of skin develops as a protective response to friction and pressure. A good example would be the calluses you notice on your palms after a season using hand tools in the garden. Or the calluses one develops on their knees after laying tile flooring in the kitchen. This combination of pressure + friction may initially result in [...]

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