Aromatic Waters: Therapeutic, Cosmetic, and Culinary Hydrosol Applications

Author: Amy Kreydin
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: The Barefoot Dragonfly
Publication Year: September 1, 2017

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A hydrosol is the water distillate formed in the process of steam and/or water distillation. Specifically, in the aromatherapy community, we use the term hydrosol to define the water distillate formed from botanical material that is distilled. This book is an introductory guide to using hydrosols as support tools in wellness plans, in the kitchen, and in skincare. Contains profiles on 34 hydrosols, recipes, formulations, and dosing guidelines to assist new and intermediate users in working with aromatic waters.

This ebook is designed to help the layperson or practitioner explore hydrosols through the lens of a clinically-trained aromatherapist and hydrosol distiller.

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About the Author: Amy Kreydin has over 20 years experience studying complementary and alternative therapies. She holds her Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner certificate from R.J. Buckle Associates, and her advanced diploma in Aromatic Medicine practitioner from The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy and the Heal Center. Kreydin owns a pyrex glass still and distills hydrosols in her apothecary studio. She teaches Introduction to Hydrosols, a 4-week class as part of her 200-hour Aromatherapy Practitioner certificate course.

Sample Recipe

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