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Pain comes in many forms and can last a short while, acute pain, or for an extended period, chronic pain. Managing pain may be something some of us only think about every once in a while, while others can go only a few minutes without thinking about pain. In this Apothecary Session we will approach both acute and chronic pain patterns from a holistic perspective, discussing the roles of lifestyle, aromatics, and botanicals in pain management.

We will discuss pain types:

  • Neuropathic – nerve pain can be caused by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy, and trauma to the central nervous system
  • Nociceptive – tissue damage pain can occur following surgery, dental procedures, a sports injury, sprained ankle, headaches, and arthritis
  • Syndromes – such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  • Psychogenic – pain that is exacerbated by anxiety, depression, or stress

Participants will create two pain formulations during this class; supplies are included in the class fee. Class size is limited to six (6) participants to foster a quality learning environment. Allied health practitioners and laypersons are both welcome to attend this class, no prerequisite is required. Please note cancellations will be accepted 7 days prior to class.

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