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In this hands-on apothecary session participants will explore using aromatic botanicals for breast wellness. We’ll delve into the energetics of the 4th (Heart) Chakra, lymphatics, breast health and dis-ease patterns, and an apothecary of resources to support breast health.

Participants will:

*Explore the energetics of the Heart Chakra in the Ayurvedic tradition;
*Discuss breast health and dis-ease including cysts, inflammation, cancer, cycle-related pain, mastitis, surgery, and lactation;
*Familiarize themselves with key ingredients including essential oils, plant lipids, hydrosols, and CO2 extracts;
*Design a bespoke breast health take-home kit.

Class fee is $85 and includes all aromatics, botanicals, and raw ingredients used in the classroom. Participants will take home formulas crafted to their individual needs. No prior experience is necessary to attend. Space is limited to eight (8) participants to ensure a quality educational experience for all.

Please note: due to small class size, cancellations must be given seven (7) days in advance to receive a refund. In the event of class cancellation all participants will receive a full refund within fourteen (14) days of cancellation.

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