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Hydrosols are a delightful part of the world of aromatherapy! Join me for an introductory class on distilling hydrosols. In this 4-hour class participants will explore the process of distillation from preparation of the still and botanicals through to collecting the hydrosol and, in some cases, the essential oil. Using a pyrex glass still allows participants to see the entire distillation process as the steam travels up through the botanical material and returns to its liquid state via the dual-chambered condensing tube.

Class fee is $55 and includes the textbook ‘Aromatic Waters’, and a 2 ounce bottle of hydrosol to take home. We’ll formulate with hydrosols during various phases of distillation and enjoy a potluck lunch. After lunch we’ll enjoy an aromatic dessert flavored with a hydrosol.

Registration is limited to six (6) participants to ensure hands-on time for everyone. Cancellations are accepted fourteen (14) days before class. In the event the instructor has to cancel refunds will be given within fourteen (14) days.

Amy Kreydin is a clinically trained aromatherapist through R.J. Buckle Associates and an aromatic medicine practitioner. She distills hydrosols from her apothecary garden and teaches a course on hydrosols as part of her Professional Aromatherapy Certification program. Amy is the author of Aromatic Waters: Therapeutic, Cosmetic, and Culinary Hydrosol Applications.

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