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In this learning unit we will explore Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine as they apply to the reflexology practice. Zoom lectures will introduce students to constitutional wellness through nature’s elements and how that can translate into self-care suggestions for clients between appointments. In our two practicum sessions together we’ll explore how TCM meridians and acu points, and TAM chakras and marma points can relate to the reflex maps.

Zoom lectures are as follows:

  • Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Five Elements of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Eastern Influences on Creating a Wellness Plan

Two days of practicum cover:

  • Meridian Therapy in Reflexology
  • Chakra and Marma Therapy in Reflexology

The next class dates are scheduled for:

  • Monday, May 2nd, 8am-12pm, live Zoom lecture
  • Monday, May 16th, 8am-12pm, live Zoom lecture
  • Monday, May 23rd, 8am-12pm, live Zoom lecture
  • Friday, June 10th, 9am-5pm, in-studio practicum
  • Saturday, June 11th, 9am-5pm, in-studio practicum

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