Invite Amy to present at your upcoming party, workshop, or event! She is available for aromatherapy and distillation demonstrations, speaking engagements, special events, and parties.

Distillation Demonstrations

Texas Rosemary Distillation

Distilling Hill Country Rosemary Hydrosol

With her pyrex glass still, Amy Kreydin is available for onsite distillation demos in the Greater Austin-San Antonio-Hill Country area at your spa, farm, vineyard, gardens, restaurant, bar, or classroom. Aromatic waters, known as hydrosols, are distilled from fresh aromatic plants. A typical distillation demo takes three hours and includes:

  • – Choosing plant materials for distillation
  • – Chemistry and distillation basics
  • – Culinary, cosmetic, and/or wellness uses of Hydrosols
  • – Blending demonstration

Amy can bring plant material to distill or you can supply your own aromatic plant material picked immediately prior to the demonstration. To discuss details and fees request a phone meeting by email.

Workshops, Classes


Amy talking on natural solutions for Allergies at a New England natural grocery store

Amy has been teaching community and practitioner classes on wellness subjects since 2004. She is available for local and International teaching and speaking engagements. Amy has lectured and presented in private homes, acupuncture and massage schools, universities, natural grocery stores, adult education programs, health centers, International bodywork conferences, early-intervention centers, and hospital-hosted health panels. Email your request or call for speakers letter, please include dates and times when possible. A list of past lectures and classes is available upon request.

Foot Reading Parties and Barefoot Sensory Paths

barfuss park

Amy setting up a barefoot sensory station

As a trained Foot Reader, Amy is available for parties, fairs, and social events. Foot and Toe Readings are popular in Europe and Australia where the specialist observes the feet in a relaxed environment. Personality patterns are though to be reflected in the feet – an individual with long toes may be especially artistic or imaginative while someone with short toes may have a head for business.

Barefoot Sensory Paths, also known as Reflexology Walking Paths, are increasing in popularity around the globe. Health benefits include normalizing blood pressure, restoring a sense of balance, reducing foot pain, and enhancing global well-being. Amy can help you create a barefoot sensory station for your group, event, or company. She has demonstrated the proven health benefits of barefoot sensory paths at senior centers, health clinics, hospitals, garden societies, fairs and town days, and charity runs and walks.

To discuss details and fees request a phone meeting by email.