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Essential oils are concentrated aromatic plant extracts used to support wellness, enhance mood, fragrance a room, repel insects, and encourage healing. In this class essential oil enthusiasts will explore 5 popular essential oils for their therapeutic uses in and around the home. Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils for yourself and your family.

Participants will make a therapeutic inhaler based on their individual constitution. Usage discussions will include allergies, asthma, pregnancy, babies, children, first aid, pets, acne, nausea, insomnia, safety, teenagers, seizure-disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, cancer, pain, stress, bug bites, headaches, and more.

Students should refrain from wearing fragrances on their body or clothing to class to avoid interferring with organoleptic testing for themselves and other students. Class size is limited to ensure a quality educational experience for each participant.

Please note that this is not a marketing class but an educational class taught by Clinical Aromatherapist, Amy Kreydin. Amy has been studying complementary medicine for the past 22 years. She practices at her home-based studio specializing in women’s health, pediatrics, pain management, and digestive disorders. Amy offers professional training in aromatherapy and reflexology, and runs community classes like this one year-round.

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