Update 9/11:

Current needs: if you’d like to give a monetary donation please do so through the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc website. Check out our Amazon wish list. Or head over to the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc Facebook group to see what bulk supplies we need in stock.

Wildflower chapter of Herbalists Without Borders in Austin, Texas

On Saturday the 9th our little local crew got together to replenish our supplies of ready-made products to distribute in the weeks to come. I had 5 volunteers who helped with assembling, counting, packing, and sorting supplies. In four hours we made 18 tubs of pain cream, 120 aromatic trauma kits, 360 aromasticks, 120 roll-on bottles, and 32 pump bottles of hand sanitizer.

This past week I’ve been working closely with the Wildflower Chapter of Herbalists Without Borders to supply the Austin area clinic as well as two clinics in Houston. To date we’ve supplied them with 60 bilingual kits, 150 aromasticks, 20 aromatic hand sanitizers, 3 aromatic surface cleaners, and miscellaneous donations from the aromatherapy community including herbal teas, salves, and handcrafted soaps. Last week I put in 6 hours at the Austin clinic.

Dispensing herbal tea and aromasticks at the Wildflower chapter of Herbalists Without Borders on September 4th

Last week Kristen Genchur stopped by the studio to take supplies down to Houston for massage therapists that have a.) experienced flooding in their practices, and b.) have been volunteering their skills for the first responders. I sent 45 aromasticks, 15 bilingual kits, 2 aromatic surface cleaners, 3 pump-style aromatic room sprays, a fungicide blend concentrate that was donated.

We’ve streamlined our efforts at efficiency in filling, labeling, and sorting products. We have a template to fill boxes to send as a “clinic kit” to stock and restock clinics:

  • 15 Aromasticks targeting the central nervous system
  • 30 Aromasticks targeting the respiratory system
  • 15 Aromatic Kits (1 roll-on for muscle tension + 1 Aromastick for respiratory wellness)
  • 10 Aromatic Hand Sanitizers – a combination of 70% ethanol, hydrosol(s), essential oils, and aloe

Packing storage containers with aromasticks in packets of 15 for easy distribution

  • Soap for practitioners to wash up
  • Essential oil concentrates: to be used in diffusers against mold spores and foul odors (only for clinics in areas affected by flooding)
  • Miscellaneous relevant supplies as donations permit – may include herbal teas, salves, creams, or hygiene and cleaning products that the community has donated

This week my focus is to formulate some mosquito repellents to send this coming weekend to the Houston clinics. I haven’t set a time for the next round of formulating sessions but stay tuned to my Facebook page for the announcement.

Update 8/30:

August 31st Formulating Session

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our efforts to put together aromatic care kits! You all are amazing!

What’s needed right now are volunteers here in Austin that can come help with assembly either tomorrow or next week on Saturday, September 9th. We also need volunteers to help drive the kits to collection points and local shelters so if you’re local and can help please RSVP for one of our volunteer sessions!


Dear Friends,

In response to the catastrophic damage of Harvey I am reaching out for your assistance in supporting victims and first responders on the coast and in the greater Houston area. Clean up is estimated to take two years and this will have long-reaching impact on the entire country.

Initial efforts you can help me with now:

  • Join me here in Austin for weekly formulating sessions as we assemble aromatic trauma kits to distribute to shelters and first responders. No experience necessary! Just a willingness to help!
  • Volunteer to pick up the aromatic trauma kits and distribute them at the shelters housing victims of Harvey. Can you swing by the shelter after dropping the kids off at school?

If you are an aromatherapy company and wish to donate supplies such as essential oils, filled or blank aromasticks, base creams or oils please see the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc Facebook group for details on what supplies we may need.

We will assemble aromatic trauma kits from formulating to printing labels. No previous experience necessary!

First meeting: Thursday, August 31st, 10am-5pm – The Barefoot Dragonfly – 7601 Pheasant Rock Road, Austin, TX 78729. Please RSVP on our Facebook event so I know who to count on.