Consider this your public service announcement Austin: Cedar Season is Coming.

When is Cedar Season?

Here in Central Texas the local “cedar,” which is actually in the Juniper tree family (Juniperus ashei), pollinates from November through April. Sometimes the season starts earlier and/or ends later.

Pollen is generally released in the first part of the day and warm, sunny days usually get the highest pollen counts.

I like to think that by using my feet to clear my sinuses I am literally kicking cedar in the butt!

Cedar Fever

Allergic rhinitis is the correct term here but some just call it Cedar Fever.  Maybe that sounds more exciting? Who knows! Symptoms include inflammation of the nasal passages, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, bronchial asthma, and an increase in mucus production. Especially sensitive folks may break out in hives as part of the histamine response to the pollen. Sounds fun right? Yuck!

A Natural Approach to Cedar Allergies

Want to take a more natural approach to managing Cedar Fever this season? I can help! As both a Reflexologist and an Aromatherapist I can offer you a multi-layered approach to allergy season. We’ll come up with a treatment plan that works just for you – including how to work on your own “rescue” reflex points and an aroma-inhaler for on the go between visits.

Don’t go through another Cedar Season in a hazy, snotty fog! Call the office at 512-666-9374, or drop me an email to schedule a free phone consult to chat about your wellness goals.