The month of October falls within the season of Autumn. In Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ancient Greek Medicine, Autumn is governed by the element of air (known as metal in TCM). Depending on your unique constitution you may find this season a welcome change from the hot, long summer. If you’ve got enough air element in your constitution this may be a challenging time for you.

Autumn is all about the harvest – a summer of good memories, lessons, and gifts. Did you know that this is also the season to be working on supporting the lungs, colon, and skin? These areas are foundations for the immune system and nurturing them will improve our resilience for cold, flu, and allergy season. Our focus also shifts inward as themes around processing and clearing grief, anxiety, loneliness, and insecurity bubble to the surface.

Wellness Tips for October

Lung Health:

  • Bring plants into the bedroom to absorb carbon dioxide expelled during sleep.
  • Change air filters in HVAC unit.
  • Adopt a daily breathing exercise.
  • Off-gas new furniture on the porch or balcony or use an eco sealant to seal in formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

Skin Health:

  • Dry brush the skin a few times a week to improve skin and circulation.
  • Protect skin from dry weather patterns with botanical emollients.
  • This is an ideal time of year to take a series of sauna sessions to promote deeper detoxification of the tissues.
  • Schedule a skin exam with the dermatologist if you haven’t done so already this year.
  • Use a water reminder app on your smart phone to meet daily water intake goals.

Colon Health:

  • A high-fiber diet promotes more of the good bacteria in the gut. Choose from whole grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruit.
  • Add more prebiotic foods to your daily intake.
  • Request a urinary indican test at your next physical to check for bacterial or fungal overgrowth in the bowels.
  • Speak with Amy about aromatic wellness options for bowel overgrowth.

General Wellness Tips for October:

  • Vata/Sanguine/Air types will wish to dress in layers as temperatures start to dip.
  • Schedule regular time to enjoy friends and loved ones.
  • Anxiety, insecurity, and grief are common themes during this season. Check in with your mental wellness provider for additional support tools as your process, grow, and heal.
  • Support the immune and circulatory systems with a Reflexology session this month.