Do Reflexologists really hate flip flop shoes? YES, yes we do! They’re up there with high heels and pointy toe boxes as the worst footwear for healthy feet. 😬

Shoes that require the toes to be actively gripping to keep them from falling off are one of the leading causes of foot pain, including Plantar Fasciitis, that I see in my Austin practice.

Watch this video and notice how much energy is expended on keeping the shoe on the foot:

Reversing Flip Flop Foot Pain

Step One: We want to start with a course of foot reflexology treatments on a weekly basis to bring ease and improve local circulation to the feet. Reflexology isn’t a foot massage, instead it’s action is connecting patterns of tension in far reaching areas of the body through the maps on the feet.

Step Two: After the first reflexology treatment we can start with some toe exercises that will help release tension.

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