Migraine headaches affect more than 10% of the global population and is the leading cause of disability for women under 50. This neurological condition causes debilitating, one-sided headaches that can last for hours or days. In addition to the pain it can be accompanied by nausea, fatigue, visual disturbances, tingling and numbness, temporary loss of vision, and difficulty speaking.

Women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines than their male counterparts. A 2021 survey in the Journal of American Medical Association estimates 17.1% of American women regularly deal with migraines. Locally, that means some 105,000 Central Texas women get migraine headaches.

Try Hand Reflexology for Migraine Relief

Reflexologists work on the theory that alternating finger and thumb pressure techniques applied to the reflex maps send a signal through the neural pathways that link body systems to each other.

Hand Reflexology uses the same principles as the more popular map to work on – Foot Reflexology – but is one of my favorites for headache and migraine sufferers because this map has a larger area dedicated to the head and neck reflex areas than the feet and ear maps do.

Planning Reflexology Around Hormonal Migraines

Menstrual-related migraines tend to occur around the bleeding portion of a cycle as progesterone and estrogen levels are at their lowest levels. Timing reflexology treatments in the second half of the cycle – between ovulation and the next bleed – can be particularly helpful to bring ease to hormonal migraine patterns.

Postpartum migraines can occur due to the deep dive hormones take after peaking during pregnancy. We might consider timing a couple of treatments in the first ten days postpartum – this might look like a hospital outcall or a home outcall.

During perimenopause, hormone levels experience large fluctuations as the ovaries start winding things down and this often triggers more frequent and severe migraines in women 35+. I typically aim for a baseline of 3-4 weekly reflexology treatments and show you how to give yourself mini treatments between the appointments.

Keeping a migraine journal – be it a printout pinned to the fridge, or an app on your smartphone – can help you and your doctor keep an eye on patterns around hormonal ups and downs.

What to Expect in a Reflexology Treatment With Me

Following a health history intake, you’ll remove your footwear and settle into the amazing zero gravity recliner. Depending on other health challenges you’re experiencing we may be working on more than one reflex map. For example, some of my migraineur clients are also dealing with digestion challenges so I like to work on their feet and hands in the same session.

When a client texts me before their appointment that they’re “coming in hot” with a migraine, I will dim the lights, close the blinds, and lower the ambient sounds as much as possible before they walk through the door. Ask me for a heated/cooled eye pillow and a weighted blanket if these extra comfort measures can bring relief!

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