Aromatherapy Tree Spray Recipe

christmas_tree_sprayA tree spray blend to inspire you and your loved ones this holiday season! You can use this recipe as a room spray, to spray directly on your tree, or leave out the water and add it to a diffuser placed near the tree.My blend combines essential oils that smell like the holidays – black spruce reminds me of walks through the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in late autumn when you can really get a feel for the bone structure of New England with her tall trees stripped naked after leaf-peeping season. Scots pine is a little bottle of Christmas magic in itself – this is what I think Christmas should smell like, be forewarned if you find yourself on a little imagination journey after a whiff of this essential oil! Tangerine fruits are stacked in boxes in supermarkets all around the world right now and is closely associated with the holiday season – it is bright and beautiful with a scent similar to its cousin the mandarin. Cardamom is delightfully spicy and might show up in your cup of Christmas chai or your holiday cooking – it’s a radiant essential oil that is warming and sweet.
Now an aromatherapist will never choose essential oil blends simply because they smell good! Her head will go back to the chemistry – what therapeutic properties does this oil have? And then step further into the energetic properties – how does this oil support my emotional and spiritual wellbeing? When I think of the holidays I am often flooded with thoughts of a to-do list a mile long followed by memories of holidays long past. So rounding it all together this is my blend:
Black Spruce to cherish my decade living in New England, bring me mental clarity in a hectic holiday season, deodorize the air, and help me to feel grounded and centered.
Scots Pine to set me in the holiday mood, to dissipate any anger or emotional tension I may be experiencing, and act as an antimicrobial air cleanser.
Tangerine to usher in the childlike wonder of the holidays, to brighten and cheer while smoothing mental and physical tension.
Cardamom to radiate warmth and sweetness to all who enter my home, to quiet the mental chatter, and to nourish my spirit during the dark days of winter.
From my home to yours – Happy Holidays!
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Amy holds her board certificate in Reflexology (ARCB), is a clinically-trained Aromatherapist (CCAP), and an Aromatic Medicine Practitioner. She launched her private practice, The Barefoot Dragonfly, in June 2004 with a special focus on women's health, pediatrics, and pain management. Amy sees clients and teaches a 200-hour aromatherapy certificate program and a 300-hour reflexology certificate program at her studio in Northwest Austin. She offers phone consults for private and commercial aromatherapy consultations.

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