EOSafety-fullcover-500pxRobert Tisserand knocked the aromatherapy community’s socks off with his new book, co-authored with Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety Second Edition that came out earlier this autumn. It’s bigger than an encyclopedia and chock-full of data that has kept me in note-taking mode the past few weeks.

Back in October Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift gave us a sneak peak of how Tisserand’s new book was going to change practice guidelines with her blog post on Citrals and pregnancy. It came as a shock to us Lemongrass-lovers that essential oils high in Citral could interfere with tooth and bone development of a fetus during pregnancy!

Time to update our safe lists for pregnancy and aromatherapy?

963185_22043487The authors of the book list all essential oils high in Citral on their list titled “Essential oils that should be restricted during pregnancy and lactation” found on page 156 under the chapter titled The reproductive system.

With this news is it time to update essential oil lists for pregnant and breastfeeding consumers? Take a look at the safe list on Fit Pregnancy’s website. Lemongrass is on it because it has been considered safe for pregnant clients to use up to the Swiss study outlined in Tisserand’s new book. Interestingly, Denise Tiran, considered a top expert in aromatherapy during the childbearing year, does not include essential oils high in Citral in one of her lists of safe essential oils.

Navigating aromatherapy in the childbearing year

If you’re considering using essential oils during the childbearing year – the time of preconception through postpartum – I would strongly advise you to sit down and map out a plan with a clinical aromatherapist. Aromatherapy can be a lovely tool to support a calm, well pregnancy. I love using it with my clients trying to conceive, with my maternity clients, and with my clients looking for support after baby arrives.

I’ve previously written tips on how to find a qualified aromatherapist, what you can expect in an aromatherapy consultation, and the holistic approach of aromatherapy that is commonly misunderstood or underestimated.

If you would like to book an aromatherapy consultation with me in my office in Austin, Texas or over the phone/Skype you can schedule online or call the office at 512-666-9374. Women’s health is an area I have trained and specialized in over the years and I’d love to chat with you about your wellness goals and how aromatherapy can fit in to your wellness plan at home.