Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils and hydrosols for specific outcomes that are measurable – clinical aromatherapy support can address physical, emotional, and psychological wellness goals.

Aromatherapy during the Childbearing Year

Aromatherapy can be a welcome tool at each stage of the childbearing year:

Fertility – bringing deep relaxation, supporting the endocrine system during the luteal phase, the follicular phase, and alongside Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

Pregnancy – supporting the mother with a maternity treatment plan that provides comfort and relaxation as the body undergoes enormous physical and spiritual changes from week to week.

Postpartum – helping mom to ease into the babymoon, find deeper sleep, ease muscle discomfort, and improve overall mood.

Aromatherapy Safety Practices

I stress the importance of seeking out the advice of a qualified aromatherapist for anyone interested in using aromatherapy in their wellness plan, but especially so in the childbearing year. Using aromatherapy during this period is not without risk and the client should be given adequate information to make an informed decision about whether she wants to participate in this therapy as is or make adjustments that account for her condition.

Safety considerations include:

  • essential oils that impair fertility or are toxic to the embryo;
  • essential oils that are toxic to the developing fetus;
  • essential oils that can cause birth defects;
  • essential oils that can cause perinatal and postnatal toxicity;
  • uses that are risky to maternal, fetal or newborn health.

Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation

A holistic consultation is not the same thing as asking a salesperson what essential oil you should use for nausea or puffy ankles. During a consultation we will discuss your health history, and wellness goals. We’ll then explore how aromatherapy can support you – whether you are planning a future pregnancy, currently pregnant, preparing for childbirth, or looking for postpartum and infant care advice.