My frequent flyer and road warrior clients tell me they benefit from a Reflexology appointment before or after a trip that they just build it into their travel plans: make an appointment with Amy before you leave or right after you get back in town.

Traveling – for business or vacation – can be uncomfortable for many of us. Whether it is bloating in the torso, edema in the legs and feet, a sluggish digestive system, pre-travel jitters, or jet lag it throws a monkey wrench into our travel plans.

The Pre-Travel Reflexology Protocol

Before you embark on a cross-country road trip or flight I want to support some key functions in the body so you can travel as comfortable as possible. I’ll spend extra attention working on reflex areas that correspond to the circulatory system so it isn’t as strained and leave you with bloating and edema. I like to the give the entire digestive system reflexes and urinary system reflexes a thorough once-over as well. Reflexes that reflect the neck, shoulders, and spine also get extra attention in this session as they’ll be working hard in the coming days.

Some Travel Help with Aromatherapy

A lot of my clients ask for an aromastick, also known as a personal inhaler, to travel with. I get requests for essential oil blends that promote a sense of relaxation and calm – perfect for someone anticipating some stress with traveling. Another popular request is for a blend of essential oils that have antimicrobial properties to them and can be used when in close proximity to persons with a seasonal illness – like someone coughing on a plane or in a movie theater. If you’d like a custom blend based on your health history and wellness goals let me know how I can be of assistance!

The Post-Travel Reflexology Protocol

After your trip you may be feeling a little out of kilter and have specific goals to share at this appointment. I like to give a general Reflexology session at this time and hone in on areas of sensitivity and congestion. For someone who is sensitive to dry air and spent hours inside an airplane the reflexes for the sinuses and nasal area may be puffy or pink in color. If your travel diet was high in sodium and quick meals the reflexes for the stomach, kidneys, esophagus and liver may need some TLC. Those who have crossed multiple time zones and even traveled outside of the country will appreciate that I give hypothalamus reflex some attention to help reset the body’s internal clock.

“Sandwich” Your Trip

December and January are busy travel months for many of my clients — flying or driving to visit loved ones for the holidays, going on a family vacation, or a couple’s getaway to an island destination. If you’re planning to travel this season you may want to sandwich your trip with a Reflexology treatment and some aromatherapy travel aids to feel your best every step of the way! Schedule your appointment online or call the office at 512-666-9374.