Aromatherapy can, in many instances, produce very reasonable results in PMS if regular treatments are given throughout a period of several months.” – Jane Buckle

[Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice, Churchill Livingstone, 2003]

In my private practice one of my areas of focus includes women’s health and, naturally, hormone balancing. The therapeutic use of essential oils and hydrosols can be quite helpful with women of all ages experiencing challenging hormone-related symptoms.


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) represents more than 150 different symptoms a woman may experience in the weeks between ovulation and bleeding in a menstrual cycle. PMS affects approximately 85% of women according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and 5-10% suffer from severe PMS according to a study by the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine [PubMed ID: 18395582].

Aromatherapy and PMS

Looking at the body holistically Aromatherapy can be used at various times of a woman’s cycle to support withdrawal symptoms. Some essential oils commonly used at different times of the menstrual cycle include Clary Sage, Geranium and Fennel. These oils in combination with one or more other essential oils can be prepared by myself or another qualified Aromatherapist based on the individual’s goals and needs. Inhalation therapy is particularly effective because it reaches the Limbic portion of the brain much quicker than a cream or a liniment applied to the skin can.

Getting a Consultation

In my office I offer in-person consults as well as phone or Skype consults. I want to get a better understanding of what your symptoms are, how they are effecting your day-to-day activities and what else is going on in your life. One client with PMS or PMDD (a more severe form of PMS) may also be depressed, or have a particularly high amount of stress in her life while another client may have PMS and also be on high blood pressure medication. I would not treat both of these clients identically but would want to prepare an essential oil combination based on their specific needs.

If you’d like to get in touch feel welcome to email or call me at my office. To learn more about the types of aromatherapy services I offer visit my Holistic Aromatherapy page.