Why is my foot pain worse around ovulation?

Estrogen influences the musculoskeletal system in several ways: strengthening bone mass, assisting in building muscle mass and strength, and decreasing stiffness in the tendons and ligaments. The first two are great: strong bones? Yes! Strong muscles? Yaay! Supple tendons and ligaments? Eh, not so much! When estrogen is particularly high, [...]

Essential Oils in the Navel?

Aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils to heal mind, body, and spirit, is one of my favorite things. I love that thousands of my clients have found these powerful, aromatic plants to be key allies in their wellness plans. One of the challenges most newbies to the world of [...]

Support for Uterine Fibroids

For me, taking a holistic approach to benign tumors of the uterus includes co-developing a wellness plan rich in Reflexology, herbal medicine, Aromatherapy, and lifestyle health. Fibroids occur in about 30% of women aged 35, and that number grows to nearly 80% by age 50. Known also as leiomyomas and [...]

Risky Essential Oil Uses in Pregnancy

"Just because essential oils are natural does not mean they do not have potential risks, or hazards if used inappropriately." - Jane Buckle, Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare 3rd Edition Once every couple of months or so I get a message from one of my midwife or OB/GYN colleagues asking [...]

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